Five Ways to Make Your Trade Show Booth Stand Out

Trade shows are a great way to showcase your brand and services while networking with potential customers and others in the industry.

With hundreds of booths fighting for attention, you don’t want to be the one that gets overlooked. In order to get ROI for your time and money at each show, you need to think strategically about the best ways your booth can stand out.

1. Use Social Media

Most trade shows have their own hashtag or location. Start building up the hype days in advance by posting about your booth and show a sneak peak of features you’ll have to convince consumers why they should come visit you. When attendees see your sign at the show, they’ll remember seeing your presence online.

Use social media throughout the day of the trade show to maintain the excitement and grab the attention of consumers who haven’t seen your booth yet. Utilize features like Facebook Live and Instagram Stories for those who aren’t at the show but are still interested in the hype, and might want to know more. Live videos can also be a fun way to involve guests at your booth.

Have your social media accounts integrated into your booth – whether it’s on business cards, or printed in bold on banners or large graphics to make it easy to find your business online. Encouraging attendees to follow you on social media is a great way to build an online relationship with consumers.

2. Host a Photo Booth

Photo booths are a fun way to engage with potential customers, attract guests to your booth, and showcase your brand by including your logo in the pictures. Have your guests sign-up via email to receive their photos, or have them go to your website to download them after the show.

Banners, POP displays or a branded picture frame are easy to set up and won’t take up too much of your booth space. Keep your photo booth consistent with your brand and attendees are likely to share the pictures and possibly even hashtag or mention your business.

3. Lights!

A great trade show booth is all about attracting attention and drawing people in, and lighting is a great trick to catch the attendee’s eyes and help focus their attention on you.

LED-backlit banners and illuminated displays and signs are a great way to light up the room and increase traffic to your booth. These signs can also emphasize the information you want your booth to showcase.

4. Have an Interactive Display

Go bigger than just a coloured backdrop. Large, informative backgrounds and displays can inspire interaction and participation from your attendees. Interchangeable graphic panels can easily transform to showcase different information and take on different shapes for each individual trade show you attend.

Quality graphics and digital signage can go a long way in helping boost your brand perception.

5. Offer a Trade Show Deal

A great way to boost sales is to offer attendees an incentive to purchase your product at the show. Presenting the offer in a professional manner that matches your brand, such as with a banner, digital sign or sandwich board can easily attract attention and draw in consumers from outside your booth. Banners and signage are also easy to transport, so you can offer similar deals and stay consistent at different trade shows you attend.

Make your next trade show an experience for your attendees!


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