Speedpro Signs Calgary Testimonials


“Appearance and design, Speedpro is not afraid to look outside the box to obtain maximum sign potential/visibility to prospective clientele”

Allan Berdahl, AARLAN Home Inspection

” I have never in my life been so impressed by service, quality and honesty as I was with Speedpro…thank you so much for helping me be a success at the Calgary Fly-fishing trade show.”

April Vokey, Fly Gal Ventures

“Speedpro Signs has always been our first choice for our indoor and outdoor signage needs for our Calgary locations. Joanne and her team provide our company outstanding product, service and pricing. I value the relationship we have developed with Speedpro and always appreciate their recommendations on how we can maximize our business.”

Leah Stewart, Associate Veterinary Clinics

“My experience with Speedpro is always fantastic and not to mention the staff that has a whole ton of patience with me. Everyone is always super professional along with helping me out and always going the extra mile to accommodate my signage request! Speedy – thus the reason you must be called Speedpro signs. I can always count on my order being taken care of efficiently and delivered in a great short and even last minute turn around time. Our sign always looks magnificent! THANKS for all the great work you have done for Habitat for Humanity Calgary!”

Sandi Ferchau, Habitat for Humanity

“The mantra of Speedpro Signs is that Signs don’t cost you money, they make you money”. A true account. In July, while parked at a set of lights, I exchanged phone numbers with a gentleman in a vehicle beside me. He later purchased nearly $400 of products. I had a simple “letter” graphic on the rear of my car, installed by Joanne, and it has made me money! Call Joanne it works.”

Noreen Giesbrecht, The Gift Designers

“Thanks to you and your team for all the projects you’ve completed for us here at Sunterra. The amazing colour and quality of print has done wonders for our featured products. The in-store signage you’ve created has brought new life to some rather dull decor, and is easy to clean and install. Food photography is not east to print – the colour has to be just right to make people hungry. You and your team have the magic touch, and on top of providing us with amazing signage, are a real pleasure to work with. Thanks again for everything.”

Kristen Halpen, Sunterra Markets

“I was extremely pleased with the outcome of both the display board and the signage. I ended up changing the layout of the display board once I received it however, that only proved that the right choice was made in doing individual pieces that could be moved or replaced rather than columnar pieces. I really appreciated the quick turnaround time that was provided to allow me to pick up the signs on my way through Calgary rather than having to make a special trip just to pick them up.

I did let my organization know how pleased I was with both the service and price your company provided and recommended they contact you for any of their future signage requirements. I am also sure I will receive many compliments on the display board at a conference I will be using it for in October and I had already planned to recommend your company however, I do appreciate you letting me know about your referral program. If you have a few moments and want to send some business cards to me in the mail I would be happy to hand them out to prospective clients.

I have been meaning to send a letter of CONGRATULATIONS to Joanne after learning she was a winner of the prestigious “Leaders of Tomorrow” award so I would appreciate it if you would pass my congratulations on to her for me. I know, as well, that she would be the first one to say that she couldn’t have achieved that award without the support of a great staff so please accept my congratulations to all of you. As a team, you certainly made my job as easy as possible with a very successful outcome.”

Linda, Vulcan Area Public & Petroleum Association

“I am treated very well by Joanne and her team, when I ask for a rush they take care of it and from what I can tell I am getting good value for what I am spending. Thanks”

Ron Tomasta, Supply Chain Management