Business Resolutions of 2019 – Speedpro Calgary NE

We’re in the first couple weeks of 2019. How are your resolutions going so far?

The start of a new year is the perfect time to take a look at the progress made by your business or company and set goals for the year. These goals are a little different than spending less time watching Netflix, or eating more greens. For business owners, these are the goals that can significantly impact another year of business and success.

Here’s a list of 4 business resolutions to consider this year:


1. Communicate Better Online

More often than not, social media and online engagement are neglected jobs or last on the to-do list of a busy business. If the last post on your business Facebook Page is from 2017 (or worse, 2016…) then it’s time to seriously consider what online promotion and a marketing plan/expert can do for your business.

In the United States in 2018, Facebook and Instagram were the most used social media platforms – Instagram had just short of 117 million monthly users. If your business doesn’t have an Instagram page, it’s time to get with the times. Use hashtags and location tags when posting on Instagram to increase your local following.

Does your business vehicle include your logo or your business phone number? It’s time to also include your social media handles. The Facebook “F” or the Instagram camera logo are highly recognizable symbols – include your ‘@’ handle next time you invest in new graphics on your vehicle.


2. Don’t Just Make Do – Invest in Something New!

Bad signage can hurt your business – and there’s actually research that links signage appearance to store foot traffic. If your exterior signage is guilty of any of these following issues, it’s time to consider a new sign:

  • Your sign is chipped, peeling or severely faded by the sun
  • Your sign has bad spacing between the letters – did you put up your own letters and run out of room at the end?
  • The font is Comic Sans or Papyrus
  • If you squint your eyes you can’t read it

There are graphic designers out there who know what colours and fonts work best for attracting attention and making a connection with a passerby. Signage is usually the first point of contact you make with a new customer – make it a good one.


3. Market Your Product

Have you ever showcased your business in a trade show? If you haven’t – make 2019 the year you do. The main purpose of a trade show is to market your product, interact with attendees and other local businesses, and showcase a variety of options your business can offer.

Trade shows create a face-to-face experience and when it comes to influencing a potential customer, that’s one of the best ways to do it. An in-person pitch and a quick question and answer period can be an easy way to close a deal without having to email a newsletter or send out flyers about a new promotion.

Trade shows can also show that your business can have fun. Having interactive aspects to your booth or a great backdrop that doubles as a photo opp is great for sharing on social media. Do a giveaway, offer free merch or in-person promotions to attendees and get them to share about your business online – that’s how having a great booth at a trade show can even get the attention of those that don’t attend!


4. Give Back to the Community

One of the best New Year’s resolutions for businesses is to pay it forward. Your generosity likely won’t go unnoticed, and your business will be seen as one that people want to work with in the year to come.