Press Release – Feeding Calgarians in Need Before Their Own Bottom Line

Feeding Calgarians in Need Before Their Own Bottom Line
NE Calgary Business Tying Every Sale into Helping the Calgary Food Bank.

November 17, 2016, Calgary, AB: Joanne Ruston and the team at Speedpro Signs NE Calgary are no strangers to playing big. The multi-award winning company also believes there is a reciprocity law at work, and that with big success comes a big obligation to help out the community that has helped you. This philosophy is being acted out as they have announced a $25 donation to the Calgary Food Bank for the months of November and December 2016, and with the high volumes of orders that Speedpro Signs NE pushes through, the contribution will be extremely significant. “We’ve been hearing for a while now, and more so as we near the holidays, that the food bank is pretty low” says Ruston, “it just seemed like we should be doing, and the team here is completely behind it 100%”. Speedpro Sign’s lead has already sent ripple effects and caused others to help out as well. “That’s the coolest part about it”, says Ruston, “we’ve already had several customers ask if we’d mind if they match the $25, etc.”

Grateful for the local support, Renee Ladouceur from the Calgary Food Bank says, “Come December, the Calgary Food Bank sees that much more people through the doors, whether they are donating, volunteering or needing food. Last year, just over 170,000 clients used the Food Bank. More than ever, we all need to look out for each other and give back with what we can. We are so appreciative of people in the community like Speedpro Sign who are doing just this.”
Speedpro Sign NE is located at 3700 19 Street NE, Calgary, Alberta. They can be contacted through their website at or call 403.239.2169.

To make a donation to the Calgary Food Bank visit them at
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