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Re-Brand or Brand Re-Fresh – What’s the Difference?

For more than a decade at Speedpro Signs we’ve been helping customers create and RE-create their image and brand. Sometimes customers are getting a feeling that they want a change but are not certain how drastic the change needs to be. Usually, the choice falls into one of two categories – what we’d call a ‘brand re-fresh’, or the more significant, ‘re-brand’.

What is the difference?

To help our customers with this, we created a quick questionnaire that can serve as a check-in point to see how close you might be to considering a brand re-fresh in your company. We’ve added this questionnaire into our white paper. Just fill it out and email it back to us for your FREE brand evaluation.

Complete the information below to download your copy of Re-Brand or Re-Fresh – What is the Difference white paper.

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