Using Graphics in Your Office Setting

An engaging office environment goes a long way with improving employee morale, helping direct consumer and employee traffic and promoting company culture.

Door signs, directional signs, and reception graphics can leave a lasting impression for your office guests.



Reception signage is an effective way to make a great first impression right after your customer walks through the door. This can help create positive brand perception. Bold, large-scale visuals can catch the eyes of those who walk inside, and also transform your blank office walls into a professional and creative atmosphere.

Stand-off hardware can help your signage pop, and can be applied to your business interior or exterior.


Maintaining your brand image is an important factor to consider when using graphics and signage in your office. Stay consistent with brand colours, logos, fonts and taglines. Keep your messages clear and focused on your company’s culture.

Avoid going overly extravagant, as you don’t want your walls to become a distraction. A focused design and message make it easier to communicate your point.


If your offices are located in an aging building or have an outdated paint job, use graphics and signage to make them feel like new.

Help customers navigate your office by using paper directory door signs that use paper inserts for easy changes.

We can customize your graphics to fit walls and spaces of any size, and we’re happy to work with your business from concept to completion.


Great walls in your business can improve your team’s productivity and and profitability. At Speedpro Calgary North East, we want to help transform your office walls. Call us today at (403) 239-2169 or request a quote on our website.