Wrapping Beyond Your Vehicle – Speedpro Calgary North

The average consumer considers most advertisements as daily interruptions and a reason to look away or skip ahead. However, a successful marketing plan includes getting creative with your graphics and their locations. What makes a graphic advertisement great is its ability to catch the eyes of consumers and get their attention without feeling like a nuisance. Consumers respond better to advertisements that are less aggressive and more enjoyable – which is helpful when it comes to brand perception.

Don’t get it wrong – vehicle wraps are an excellent marketing tool that can earn a business up to thousands of impressions each week. But if you’re not ready to take your car from personal to business just yet, we have the solution!

We can carry your logo and brand from your business cards to your equipment! Decals on trailers, tractors and RV’s are a great place to start. Showing off your brand while you’re working on location is a great way to show customers who gets the job done! Do you own multiple trailers? We do fleets!

Boats! Who says you can’t change the colour of your car? Or boat? You can – and we can help! We can also help with covering up dings, scratches and imperfections that might happen with high-quality vinyl to make your ride look like new again. Why not add a few extra decals, just for fun?

Have a space but not a design idea in mind? We specialize in helping our customers create custom graphics to fit any space.

No matter what you decide to wrap, if you want brand consistency, we suggest using these ideas:

  • Include your logo – brand recognition goes a long way!
  • Inclue your company colours, taglines and fonts
  • Word size – keep it legible and big enough to read from far away

Do you have a vision? We want to help you express it!

Call us today at (403) 239-2169 or visit our website at www.speedpronorth.com to learn more about our wraps and request a quote!