Wrapping Your Vehicle for Your Brand– Speedpro Calgary NE

Vehicle wraps are one of the most effective ways to advertise your brand and earn up to thousands of weekly impressions. Individual and fleet wraps are a great way to expand your business reach, boost your brand identity and your sales, too.

We want to help customize your next vehicle wrap for all your business needs, since brand perception plays a large role in consumer choices.


These words couldn’t be truer when it comes to fleet wraps. Brand recognition and brand identity helps keep your customers coming back to you again and again.

Keep these factors in mind to help maintain your brand:

  • Logo – bold, vivid and easy to remember!
  • Font – keep it easy to read, and match your signage font if possible,
  • Slogan – Does your business have one? Include it!


Imagine your vehicle wrap as a mobile billboard. Chances are your vehicle is going to be on the move and so are your customers. Just like with regular billboards, you don’t have a lot of time to communicate your message to consumers in the amount of time they’re looking at your vehicle.

Here’s some quick tips for a fast and easy-to-read message:

  • Word Size – Keep it legible and big enough to read from far away.
  • Minimal words. For billboards, 6 words or less is the industry standard. You can add a few more words depending on their size and readability, but 6 is the goal.
  • Include your logo – If it has your business name, it might be all you need!


Use bold, impactful images that will grab consumer’s attention and keep them staring. Bright colours, large letters and images of faces are eye-catchers, and emphasizing your visual graphics can help increase brand recall.

Make sure addresses, phone numbers and any information you display is in easy-to-read areas and not obstructed by parts of the vehicle like door handles and keyholes.


Summer is a great time to wrap your vehicle. Warmer weather, longer days and increased foot traffic means more impressions for your new vehicle wrap. And we don’t just wrap vehicles, we can wrap boats, too!

Eye-catching graphics can make your boat look like new again, and it doesn’t stop there! Decals, lettering and numbering can also be used to personalize your boat to stand out while on the water.

It’s time to get wrapping!

At Speedpro Imaging Ottawa, we want to help your brand stand out. Call us today at (613) 695-6661 or visit our website for a quote!